Pedestrian Guardrail

Pedestrian guardrail can be supplied to either BS 7818 or to meet customers specific bespoke requirements.

The Fencing Partnership Ltd install guardrails to BS 7818 loading class 1, class 2, class 3 and class 4, with infill to class A, class B, class C and class D.

The infill configuration can vary from a straight line infill to various staggered bar infills.

Unit Panel guardrail can be supplied with a sight gap when required.

High visibility guardrail can also be supplied with matching posts.

In all cases pedestrian guardrail can be offered in a galvanised finish or powder coated finish.

We are often approached by client’s to advise on specialist guardrail to suit specific requirements.  Working with our supply chain we have been able to offer a range of solutions in the past including the supply of powder coated pedestrian guardrail with stainless steel post caps on the Edge Lane Project in Liverpool in advance of the Liverpool European City of Culture year in 2009.

The Fencing Partnership Ltd can supply and install tubular hand rail systems to retaining walls, swing walls, services yards etc.  Normally constructed using tube and tube clamp (commonly called kee clamp) type fittings.  Tubular handrails can also be supplied to meet DDA requirements with actual handrails made warm to touch as required in the DDA.

Tubular handrails can often look cheap, however with the right tools, materials and equipment, a very necessary handrail can be made to look quite stylish.  The Fencing Partnership Ltd takes pride in delivering high quality and aesthetically pleasing handrails.

As with pedestrian guardrail, tubular handrails can be supplied in either a galvanised or powder coated finish.