General Fencing

The Fencing Partnership Ltd can install all types of general fencing. Unless otherwise specified all works are normally installed to the requirements of BS1722.

Be it a temporary stock fence or a bespoke product The Fencing Partnership Ltd has the experience to carry out such projects.

Post and wire and stock fencing can be installed as BS1722 Part 2, the HCD drawings or other specifications, using timber, steel or concrete posts. These systems can offer everything from a temporary site boundary solution right through to a permanent fencing with the facility to prevent cattle, deer, otters, badgers, and rabbits straying into areas in which they are not welcome (or safe!).

Closeboard fencing normally installed to BS1722 part 5 offers an economic fence delivering both privacy and security. Closeboard fencing can be installed on either concrete or timber posts.

Chain link fencing offers a wide range of boundary solutions. Normally installed to BS1722 part 1 these fences are available from 0.9m high to 1.80m high with a cranked or vertical extension for barbed wire. Other heights are available up to 3.60m high. Fencing around ball courts and tennis courts can be installed using chain link fencing to BS1722 part 13. Chain link fencing can be installed using timber, concrete or steel posts however there are also some complete system types available.

Post and rail fencing normally installed to the requirements of BS1722 part 7 or the HCD details offers a robust boundary solution.

As with post and wire fencing, post and rail can be enhanced to prevent intrusion by deer, otters, badgers, rabbits and newts.

We offer a full range of vertical bar railings or decorative railings. These can be installed to the requirements of BS1722 part 9 or to customers bespoke requirements. A number of companies within our supply chain also have railing systems within their product portfolio and we are therefore able to offer modern stylish railings at a commercially competitive price.

With all of these security solutions a range of gates are available.  Gates can be supplied to match all of the aforementioned fence types or constructed to the clients own requirements.  They can either be manually operated gates or power operated gates in either a swing gate format or sliding gate format.  In the case of the latter The Fencing Partnership Ltd can either install tracked gates or cantilevered gates with a full range of access control systems to suit specific site requirements.