Access Control

In addition to the manually operated swing gates and sliding gates, The Fencing Partnership Ltd also supplies and install a range of power operated gates.

Power operation can be installed to either swing gates or sliding gates and in some circumstances a combination of the two!

In addition to the power operation to the gates a full range of access control systems can be offered, basic push button control (say from an adjacent gate house), card readers, key pad entry along with necessary intercom systems.

The Fencing Partnership Ltd also installs additional security measures such as rising bollards, which can be operated by the same various access control systems as power operated gates. In addition to rising bollards we are able to offer a range of lifting barriers or car park barriers, again with the same access control systems as previously described.

When requested The Fencing Partnership Ltd can offer a service contract after installation to ensure that any gates or barriers can be maintained to give the level of operation expected by our clients.